Fashion comes to vinyl tablecloths

If it's not fashionable, it's not trendy. Gone are the days when cleaning was just a boring chore. Thanks to the all-new super trendy and fashionable just wipe vinyl coated tablecloths, you can now make cleaning a fashion statement.

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What are vinyl coated tablecloths?

As opposed to the traditional cotton tablecloths, which painstakingly ended up in a mess even after hours of washing and cleaning, just wipe vinyl coated tablecloths are crafted using PVC. The PVC ensures that the tablecloth can be cleaned instantly by just wiping it with a moist cloth. Vinyl coated tablecloths are easy and hassle-free to wash and maintain in contrast to the traditional oil tablecloth.

The added advantage offered by Vinyl coated tablecloths (also referred to as plastic coated tablecloths) is that it provides value for money. Although they don't have a fabric base, they offer the same wipe protection as those of oil tablecloths. One more reason to start loving vinyl coated tablecloths is the touch of fashion and vibrant to it.

Fashion and vinyl coated tablecloths

Vinyl coated tablecloths have begun to make a bold fashion mark. These tablecloths can be printed in any style, design, colour, or pattern to suit anyone's needs. Enthusiasts can also have their own custom design, colours or styles printed on the tablecloth. So now you have another reason to go out and buy a just wipe vinyl coated tablecloth.

Designs and Styles

The various designs and styles offered by vinyl coated tablecloths are innumerable and countless. The following are the most common

Contemporary As a dedication to art and nature, just wipe vinyl tablecloths often spot a plethora of contemporary designs and colours. These styles often highlight ethnicity of nature in terms of beautiful colors or patterns.

Kids If your house is full of little devils and toddlers then just wipe vinyl tablecloths are exactly what you need. Imagine your children eating dinner while looking at their favorite cartoon and comic characters. That will not only limit the mess but will also serve to make them spend more time at the dinner table. Vinyl tablecloths can also be printed by designing your very own cartoon themes such as Spiderman and Avengers.

Dotted For people who believe in simplicity, vinyl tablecloths takes care of that too. Vinyl coated tablecloths comes in classic themes of dots and lines. Even this cliched classic theme can be seen in many colours and flavours in printed vinyl coated tablecloths.

Metallic Fashion looks great when it is a class apart. Embodying this popular belief, vinyl coated tablecloths even come in metallic themes and colours. Glamour and beauty isn't far away but just at your dining table. Vinyl tablecloths are available in metallic shades of primary and secondary colours.

By and large, if you are a fashion lover, and want to spice things up a bit at your dinner table, just wipe clean vinyl coated tablecloths not only suit your cleaning needs but also quench the fashion thirst within you.